Best device to play with friends?

Video game consoles
Old video game consoles

So you want to play with friends and ask yourself what is the best device to get? The short and boring answer is that it depends. Different consoles and PC are good at different types of games.

Two players playing Unravel
Unravel Two is a console game for two players

First of, PC or consoles? Consoles are perfect if you want a cheaper option than PC. You probably already have a TV or a monitor. Buy a console, hook it up and play. Typically consoles because of their controls josticks works great for sport games and platformers. But are mostly horrible for strategy game and not perfect for fps.

PC games are often more customizable through mods and can have greater graphics and frames per seconds than consoles. But costs more to get and has more things that can cause troubles such as broken hardware or viruses.

Human fall flat
Human fall flat a silly game that exist on many devices

So if you decided to go for PC? Good for you! If you are aming for a console then usually you have to deiced if you should go for Playstation, Xbox or Nintendo.

Nintendo is perfect for those that want family friendly games including the Mario games, dont want the best graphics but values playfullness and that Nintendo consoles often are cheaper.

Nintendo games

The best graphics, the largest amount of titles then you should go for Xbox or Playstation. Both are great systems. Often the choice should be the one that most of your friends have. So you can play coop games togheter :D (A lot of games dont have crossplatform play between Xbox and Playstation)

Xbox and Playstation games

Go for the device that makes you happy!